Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yellow Shoes

Shirt - Thrifted; Tank - Old Navy; Skirt - Target; Shoes - Payless; Necklace and Belt - JC Penny; Ring - Steinmart
Polka Dot Dress, Cardi, and Shoes - Thrifted; Earrings and Necklace - Premiere; Belt - JC Penny
Yellow shoes. Elusive until recently. These yellow platform T-straps are so darn comfy that they were worn three times in one week. The look and feel remind me of my old ballroom dancing shoes from the early dancing days. And I love the splash of color and happiness they can't help but bring out in any outfit. Best $8 I've spend in a long time!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Blue Heaven

Skirt, Shirt and Boots - Thrifted; Cardi and Earrings - Steinmart; Belt and Ring - NY & Co; Necklace - PremiereI've been in love with cobalt blue lately. Any way I can incorporate it into my outfit, I do. This outfit was my Blue Heaven.

Shirt and Belt - NY & Co; Pants - Thrifted; Shoes - Stuart Weitzman (thrifted); Ring - Macy's

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Brights

Skirt - Spiegel; Boots - Macy's; Shirt - Steinmart; Sweater Vest - August Silk (Macy's); Cardi - Loft (thrifted)
Although I felt way too bright for my engineering office, I'm pretty happy with how this uber bright outfit turned out.

Dress - Chaps (from sister); Shoes - Unlisted (from co-worker); Cardi - TJ Maxx

This dress was so basic, it was almost boring. Almost because the red was so vibrant, the basicness actually did it justice. I think this dress will be fun to play around with in the winter with sweaters and tights and boots... Thanks to my little sister who lost a ton of weight (jealous) and my co-worker who refuses to wear skirts after her third child (and gave me all of her sandals), my outfit was almost entirely free. Love that!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Farewell Old Friends

Shirt - Gap; Skirt - Old Navy; Shoes - Payless; Belt and Ring - Steinmart; Necklace - Premiere; Earrings - Macy's
Shirt - Gap; Cardi - Kohls; Skirt - JC Penny; Belt - NY & Co; Shoes - Thrifted; Necklace - Me

I couldn't decide in or out today. While my silhouette looked better head on with the skirt inside the high waisted skirt, the pleats on the skirt cause it to pooch out a bit in the area where I actually do have a pooch. So, my profile looked better when the shirt was untucked. I never did manage to decide, switching between the two looks every time I went to the bathroom. Ah, indecision.

Skirt - NY & Co; Shirt - Gap (thrifted); Jacket - Steinmart; Shoes - Payless; Belt - Thrifted

I retired two of the shoes pictured in this post after this week. The snakeskin sandals, while super hot, were a bit too big and the constant rubbing and shifting of my feet inside them was so very painful. The teal lovelies, I actually shed a bit of a tear for. I have loved these shoes for so long and have put up with the excruciating pain that I felt at the base of my big toes because the peep toe scraped the nail beds at just the perfectly horrible spot. I had to finally give up the ghost. I promised Hubs no shoes that couldn't make it through a day at the office, so bye-bye small instruments of podiatral torture. You will be missed. By me, not my feet.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Shirt - Style & Co (Free); Skirt - Talbots (thrifted); Boots - Thrifted; Belt - JC Penny; Necklace and Earrings - Premiere
Dress - Gap (thrifted); Jacket - Gap (circa 1999); Shoes - Payless; Jewelry - Mostly Premiere, with a little thrifted

I got a little bit of money from mileage expense reports which was totally bonus, so I took $40 to my local payless for their BOGO sale to buy myself some birthday presents. Too bad the shoes above broke on the second wearing. I'll be trying to recoup the cost of those if I can ever get around to taking them back.

Skirt - Talbots (thrifted); Shirt - JC Penny; Cardi - Old Navy; Shoes - Payless; Jewelry - Premiere

This was my birthday outfit. And the shoes are my new faves, and the ones from Payless that didn't fall apart. Thanks to Kendi for showing them to me for the first time. Olive and tomato and the kids coming to have lunch with me at the office... 33 is starting off AOK.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Black & White

Dress - Old Navy (thrifted); Cardi - Steinmart; Shoes - Old Navy; Belt and Ring - Steinmart

Shirt and Cardi - Steinmart; Pants - NY & Co; Belt - Baby Phat (thrifted)

Cardi and Dress - TJ Maxx; Tights - We Love Colors; Shoes - Anne Klein (Stienmart); Earrings, and Bracelet - Steinmart

This last look is for my daughter, who is currently in love with Dorothy Gale. There's no place like home, sweetie.

School's Out for Summer

Skirt - Ralph Lauren (Macy's FREE); Cardi - Gap; Shirt - Style & Co (Macys FREE); Belt and Ring - NY & Co; Shoes - Jessica Simpson (TJ Maxx); Earrings - Premiere; Necklace- Thrifted.
I took my last two exams for the spring this week. I aced them both. Now, maybe I can take a moment or two to blog occasionally. I'm really behind.