Sunday, October 30, 2011

Plaid, Check, Polka Dot, Stripe

Which is the pattern that you like?  This is a ditty played between cartoons on Disney mornings which my kids love, and my daughter utililzes whenever she helps me decide what to wear.  She helped with both of these outfits.  While polka dots usually win out with Stinkerbell, these two days, she picked plaid and stripes.  I had to agree with her :-)

Tunic - BDGB (thrifted);                Dress - Old Navy (thrifted);
Bangles (thrifted)                                  Cardi - Target;
Boots - Charlotte Russe - (thrifted)          Shoes - Madden (thrifted);
Necklace, Earrings and Ring - Steinmart    Necklaces - Express and Premiere
Belt - NY & Co                                                        

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Girly Girl

Shirt - Ralph Lauren (Macy's - FREE); Tank - Macy's; Skirt - Macy's (FREE); Belt - NY & Co; Shoes - Clarks; Necklace - Premiere

Except for a short period in my life, where Curt Cobain was big and men's flannel shirts and Chuck's were my closet staples (who DIDN'T go through a phase in High School?), I've always been very feminine in the way that I dress. I've always been into makeup.  But I've never considered myself a 'girly girl'.  Feminine, sexy, but not girly.  I hate pastels, I hang mostly with guys, I'm an engineer for Goodness Sake!  However something about this pretty uber-girly floral that made me use my rewards dollars to make it my own.  And I couldn't help but pair it with the pink tank and green skirt.  Husby told me I looked like a flower.  And surprisingly, I was okay with that.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pretty in Plaid

I was in a lumberjack kind of mood this week. Here are a few ways that I styled my plaid camp shirts into business casual attire.

Shirt - Target; Cami - Old Navy; Skirt - Macy's; Belt - Thrifted; Necklace - Macy's; Shoes - Payless

Right: Shirt - Target; Cardi - NY & Co (thrifted); Skirt - Gap (maternity); Necklace - JC Penny; Shoes - Madden (TJ Maxx)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Been a Long Time

 Shirt - Matthew Morrison (Macy's); Skirt - Spiegel; Belt and Bracelets- Thrifted; Boots - Charlotte Russe (thrifted); Earrings - Steinmart

I've been a bad, bad blogger.  It's been weeks.  But a fabulous new promotion led to tons of extra responsibility and a trip to corporate headquarters for training.  And NO time for blogging.  Now that life is back to normal, I'm back to getting my pictures taken in the morning :-)
Dress - NY & Co (thrifted); Sweater - Target; Shoes - Payless; Necklace and Bracelets - Thrifted

There is a preview of 'Hall Pass' where Jenna Fisher is wearing a dress much like the one I'm wearing.  In fact, when I first saw the preview I thought 'I really love that dress'.  So imagine my elation when I was perusing through my local Plato's Closet and saw a dress from NY & Co, in my size (for $8), with the same print and pallette.  Of course, fate had brought us together.  The dress is light enough to be worn in summer, but the color pallette also lends to its ability to be worn with tights and boots in the fall.  Bonus!