Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tealy, Tealy Good

Skirt - thrifted; Shirt - INC (Macy's FREE); Shoes - Stuart Weitzman (thrifted); Ring - Steinmart; Bracelet - Premiere; Necklace - Me

I felt much better of about the brightness of this outfit, probably because I was toning the skirt down with a solid navy shirt, but mostly because I was able to wear my $4 Stuart Weitzman Goodwill shoes (which are incidentally incredibly comfy). I love them and any day that I can wear them is a happy day for me. I actually altered the outfit a bit right before I ran out the door. It was cold so I added a navy cardi, which gave the outfit a bit of 50's flair. I decided to go with it and tucked the shirt into the high waisted skirt and belted it with a navy wide belt. Even happier with it that way.

Rating - Two Thumbs Up

Monday, April 25, 2011

Holy Brightness, Batman!

Cardi - Old Navy; Tank - Steinmart; Pants - Style & Co (Macy's - FREE); Shoes - Vera Wang (Kohls); Belt - Thrifted; Necklace - Steinmart

When I had to retire my emerald green cardigan because of wear and fading, I searched high and low for a replacement. This old navy cardi was the closest that I could come up with, but when I got it home and started pairing it with things, it's really more limey than emerald. With the weather just starting to warm up, but our city ensconced in rain, I tried to bring some sunshine into my life with this lime/teal combo. My coworkers had to wear sunglasses to be around me.

These Vera Wang pumps are part of a new trend in my life. They are an item that I had in a bag to give to Goodwill cause I hadn't worn them in years. I pulled them out of that Goodwill bag so many times to wear them, that I've decided to keep them. A similar thing happened to the yellow floral cardigan that I wore yesterday for Easter at the In-laws. I packed it in the Goodwill bag because I had only worn it once and just couldn't figure out how to style it. But thanks to my favorite bloggers and their color inspirations, when I was going through the bag to itemize them for the tax man, I rescued it with a 'What was I thinking?'. I guess one woman's garbage can be her own treasure after all :-)

Rating - Two Thumbs Up (if you aren't blinded)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pajamas in the Workplace

Dress - Merona (thrifted); Boots - Marshalls; Sweater - NY & Co (thrifted); Necklace - Target;

Ring - Steinmart; Earrings - Premiere; Belt - Thrifted

When I bought this dress, I couldn't figure out whether it was a nightgown or a dress. I was thrilled at the delicious ambiguity. It's soft and loose, yet clingy. It's delicate and feminine, yet super duper comfy. I felt like I was in Jammies all day, which made it the perfect Friday dress. My office mates and I walked to the BW3 that shares our parking lot for some discount wings for lunch and while the guy at the front dest told the male customer in front of me, they didn't have anything open for lunch, when I stepped up to the desk, he told my breasts that he'd find something for me.

When you are a female engineer, you get used to being terribly outnumbered by school and then in work. And no offense to the amazing and well adjusted male engineers out there that I am sure exist, most of the ones that I have worked alongside are a bit awkward. I'm used to my boobs getting talked to. I learned early on that it's not a form of's a man not used to having conversations with voluptuous women.

So when the girls were being stared at by a total stranger, I took advantage of the situation and got my co-workers a table. It is right? Probably not. And if I used their power for evil, on a regular basis, I'd feel guilty. But since I spend nearly every day pretending that I don't have them, I felt they were due for some recognition.

Rating - Two Thumbs Up with a basket of Wings

Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's Easy Being Green

Sweater - Gap; Skirt - Macy's (FREE); Sandals and Belt - Thrifted; Bracelet - Old Navy; Ring - Steinmart

I woke up this morning lackadaisical about everything. I didn't want to put any effort into getting ready, so I gave myself a baby-wipe shower in lieu of a real one. I didn't feel like getting dressed so I grabbed the first thing that caught my eye in the closet - green skirt - and picked the easiest color to style with it - black. The belt was a last minute addition, cause I felt like the sweater was a bit too shapeless and this yellow belt hasn't gotten much play in the last year. I am pleasantly surprised with how it turned out.

Rating - Two Thumbs Up

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dirty Martini, Extra Olive

Cardi and Tank - Gap; Skirt - JC Penny; Shoes - Madden (thrifted); Belt - Thrifted; Bracelet - Steinmart; Earrings - Chico's; Necklace - Premiere
I found this tank and cardi on the clearance rack at the Gap when I took my bestie there for her birthday. I love the dark green background and the earth-toned floral print of the tank, and I've been wanting a sweater this color FOREVER, so it was like I struck gold.
The second gold was the olive green heels. I love all things olive, since my eyes are that color, but it's been surprisingly hard to find. Military green - Easy. Lime - all over the place. But a good olive has been elusive. These pumps were sitting, ever so elegantly, on a shelf in my fave thrift store for $10, almost like they were waiting for me. I won't say that they are super comfy, but they have made it through a few full days at the office without me resorting to my emergency flats, so they rate pretty high on the comfort scale.

This outfit was a winner all around. I felt feminine, fashionable, and in my autumn element.

Rating - Two Thumbs Up

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Cardi - Steinmart; Shirt - NY & Co; Skirt - JC Penny; Shoes - TJ Maxx;

Necklace - JC Penny; Earrings - Chico's; Ring - Macy's

This shirt is one of the most disappointing items in my closet. I had such hopes for it. I loved the ruffles, the dusty rose color, the interesting collar. But I wore it ONCE and the seams started fraying and by the end of the day, there was a huge, shredded, gaping hole under my left armpit. I had to throw it away when I got home. So very, very disappointing. If only I had worn it closer to purchasing it, I might have had warrant to take it back to NY & Co and get my money back. But I bought this shirt during their clearance sale at Christmas time so hopes of restitution are dashed. At least it was on clearance.

Rating - Two Thumbs Up

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bumble Bee Tuna

Shirt - Steinmart (FREE); Skirt - JC Penny; Cardi - Steinmart; Shoes - Payless; Tights - Old Navy;

Ring and Short Necklace- Premiere; Earring and Long Necklace - Me
I love this shirt and the uneven seams and 'shredded' appearance. It is so different. I had to do a little convincing of my sister to try in on in the first place. She bought it, but didn't ever wear it before she lost the weight. This is the inaugaral weariing of this shirt, which is quite a nice addition to my spring wardrobe. If only Spring will decide to get here!!!

Ahhh the shoes. Being a Shoeie (like a foodie), I'd have a hard time choosing my favorite pair. These, however would be on my sort list. They are super cute, the ruffles are adorable, they are comfy, and my nostalgia for the style of yesteryear keeps a warm place for any T-strap shoes.


Rating - Two Thumbs Up

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Shirt - Liz Claiborne (thrifted); Scarf used as belt- thrifted; Skirt- JC Penny;

Necklace and Bangles - Steinmart; Shoes - Madden (thrifted)
My boss sprung on me the desire for me to attend a community meeting as the face of my company and our client at about 3:00 at work. What I loved most about this outfit was that I felt no need to change between work and the meeting. I felt confident, classy, and just the right amount of sexy. I shone at the event, being one of the more outgoing 'working' the event and ended up making positive contact with many of the concerned members of the community. I guess the bartender in me will always make me approachable. I was told by a random stranger that I was striking. This is my new power suit. And with all of the clearance and thrifted items that it incorporates, I was clothed head to toe for under $30. YAY!!


Rating - Two Thumbs Up.

Friday, April 1, 2011

All that Glitters is not Gold

Sweater - NY & Co; Shirt - Steinmart (FREE); Belt - Trhifted;

Skirt - NY & Co; Tights - Motherhood Maternity; Shoes -Payless
My little sister turned 25 and developed the family figure. No, she didn't get prego. It's just that our mother is an apple, and all 4 of us girls started out skinny minnie's, but when we reached maturity (and developed thyroid disease), our bodies evolved into the apple shape. Lil' Sis was lucky enough to have it happen to her before she had children, and was able to adopt an aggressive workhout schedule in a bootcamp and get back nearly to her fighting weight. I'm so proud of her, but jealous at the same time because I do not have the hours to devote to working out that she does. My journey is much longer than hers. The good thing for me, though, is that she gave me all of her fat clothes. You'll see quite a few items indicated as FREE from Steinmart in the next couple of months that came from her.


This particular day I was returning to work after a week off with a stomach bug and bronchitis, so I wanted to look sparkly, even if I didn't quite feel it. I never thought to put these colors together in this way before, but I'm glad I did. Compliments abounded this day and I ended up feeling almost back to normal by the end of the day. I think the skirt definitely helped.


My hair was also kind of feathered when I woke up, so I went with it and did my impression of Kardashian hair. I'll be leaving this hairstyle to the professionals from now on.
Rating - Two Thumbs Up