Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things are Not Always as They Seem....

Jacket - JC Penny; Pencil Skirt - JC Penny; Necklace - Premiere; Shirt - TJ Maxx;
Belt - NY & Co (Thrifted); Earrings - Steinmart; Bracelets - Macy's & Express; Shoes - Gift from Pookie
On the outside, professional...on the inside, WILD! I love how hidden underneath this uber-conservative teal jacket is a multi-tonal blue snakeskin blouse and a matching wide double buckle belt. I felt fabulous this day, and fully prepared to take a final at lunch on my 16 hour work day. In consulting, deadline time is a bear! The shoes, however, only made it to lunch. While super cute, and actually quite comfy, the front design cuts into the top of my foot and kills. This is the reason that my sister gave them to me in the first place.
I will admit, though, that I was able to wear them a couple hours more that usual at my 10-lb less weigth, so I'm thinking that these will get worn more frequently as I get skinnier.
And finally, a closer shot of the shirt to see the cool design and colors.


Shirt - JC Penny; Jeggings - Macy's; Shoes - Shoe Carnival;
Bracelet - Premiere (gift from Husby); Necklace and Earrings - Baker's; Belt - Thirfted
In the mirror in my room, I thought the belt looked better lower on my hips, but once I saw the picture, I decided that up at my waist made my stomach look less rotund. This is how I wore it the rest of the day.
I had always wanted one of these cool printed T-s, but 'regular' sized T's (even XL) always were too tight in the belly and bust, but plus sized were always too roomy. I found a happy medium with this T and the belt. And Jeggings??? I'm in love!! Those sandals, matter how many times I wear them, I still don't like them. Love the color, think the style is too old lady for me. I've been keeping them at my office as a backup pair of shoes to wear on campus if the heels I wear to work aren't practical for the long walk on campus for class.

Dirty Martini

Shirt - JC Penny; Pencil Skirt - JC Penny; Necklaces - Macy's and Premiere;
Bracelets - Premiere; Shoes - Charlotte Russe (thrifted)
I was told that you should never mix your metallic finishes, but I just love putting this matte 5 bangle interloced bracelet with these 5 glittery gold bangles. I can't help myself.
And I confess, these are what Husby affectionately refers to as 'Stupid Shoes' - Shoes that look good but you can't walk in em. I cannot part with them and continually wear them hoping that they'll get easier in time, you know, once they are broken in. I'm also realistic and pack a pair of flats in my laptop bag which inevitably get put on around lunch. This outfit has reinforced to me that
  • a) JC Penny is pretty darn awesome and inexpensive for office attire (whole outfit was less than $20),
  • b) I look great in pencil skirts. I think they are the most flattering on me, and will wear the heck out of the two I own,
  • c) Olive green is a great color for me....I need to look for more of this to add to my wardrobe!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Purple People Eater

Sweater- Old Navy; Pants - Steinmart; Shoes - Coach (via TJ Maxx); Tank - Old Navy;
Scarf - Payless; Bangle - Old Navy; Leaf Chandelier Earrings - Steinmart
Yes, these shoes are Coach. The one and only Coach item that I own. No, I didn't pay Coach prices. Listed at $290, I paid $30. I was drawn to them for the rich purple color, and true to form for me, didn't think 'What would I wear these with?" I just brought them home and have found ways to make them work. I love them and they are so comfy. The scarf, a BOGO purchase from Payless is also one of my favorites. It's got gorgeous blues and greens and purples mixes with a little silver and is so versatile. I have about a million scarves adn I'm yearning for the cooler weather to be able to bring them out again. This mornin's 60 degree chill, and the fact that I had no class and would be in my office's air conditioning all day, allowed me to break one out early.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's Not Easy Being Green

Dress - Old Navy (thrifted); Jacket - Gap; Shoes - Charlotte Russe (thrifted);
Belt - TJ Maxx; Necklace - JC Penny; Earrings - Chico's
This outfit actually incorporates some of my favorite items, some of which don't get a lot of wear. First, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these shoes, but the green color is a bit hard for me to incorporate. While I'm much more adventurous than most of my friends (who only wear belts in looped pants and only own brown or black shoes) I'm still kind of conservative when it comes to bringing in color. I am getting better, though :-) The Gap denim jacket is one of those tried and true staples that will have to be pried from my cold dead hands before I part with it. I've had this jacket since the late 90's and wear it religiously in the spring and fall, and whenever else I can work it in. I love the dress for its color, and the earrings for their simplicity, and the dress for its color. And the black belt is worn about once a week anymore.
On the GI front, I could have been much better this week. Work has been extremely stressful, and I'm at the end of the quarter, so final projects and exams are underway, and the stess has made me forgetful. I've been forgetting to pack lunches or snacks and have had to get lunch and/or dinner on the fly, which leaves me limited on healthy choices. The good news is that I still lost. 3 pounds this week, giving me a total of 10 so far. I just got back from the grocery store where I bought an ample supply of healthy mini meal options and snacks, so I'm fully armed for a successful week. Crossing my fingers....


Shirt - Romeo & Juliet Coutoure (via Steinmart); Vest - Motherhood Maternity;
Skirt - Old Navy; Shoes - Rampage (via Macy's);
Necklaces and Earrings - Premiere; Beaded Cuff - Sears
Yes, this vest is also maternity....but you wouldn't know if I didn't tell you. I was finding vests like these all over Plato's Closet when I was killing time before a chiropractor appointment. I never thought of wearing this short vest with my highwaisted skirt, or tucking in this drop-waisted zebra print top, but I needed to get inventive to fulfill my vest week needs. Also, I love how my top half is a little rocker, but my bottom half is conservative secretary, down to my classic piped peep toe pumps. To finish things off, I let my hair do it's own thing and neither straightened nor curled. The barely-there, non-uniform wave that I was left with after my second pregnancy is a little hard for me to just 'let go', but since all of Hollywood is going natural, I'm trying to give it a try. Plus, it takes a hell of a lot less time on days like this one when I slept in....
Oh, and 'Zarebra' is what my daughter thought that horse-looking black and white striped zoo animal was until recently. I can't help but think of it and smile.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Did it My Way

Pants - Style & Co (Macy's); Vest - Thrifted; Tank - Steinmart;
Gladiator Sandals - Simply Vera by Vera Wang (thrifted);
Earrings, Necklace and Bracelets - ME!!
Day two of vest week allowed me to show off my newly discovered jewelry making skills. I had a necklace (from Premiere, who else) which broke. Only item from that line, ever, that I had a problem with, but the design was flawed in that very heavy beads were only held together by string. Instead of returning it, I took the beads that I collected when it broke to Michaels to see if I could find some beads to agument and try to put it back together myself on some clear elastic cord. The results were fabulous, and I found so many beads that I liked and complemented the necklace that I made some earrings and 3 bracelets. I absolutely LOVE the way they turned out. And got quite a few complements from people. Imagine my glee when my response was, "Thanks! I made them!!" I had a grin that lasted all day long. Look for more jewelry experiments in the future. I've got a turqoise bracelet I love that could use a necklace......

Monday, August 9, 2010

Shades of Gray

Or is it Grey?? I can never remember.

Vest - Steinmart; Leggings - Gap; Embellished Tank - Steinmart;
Silver Flats - Bakers; Necklaces - Premiere, Ring - Macy's; Earrings - Chico's

I didn't realize how many vests I owned until I was getting ready this morning. Since I'm on a 4-10's schedule until I finish school, I definitely have enough to have a vest themed week. The only bad thing is that this is by far my most interesting vest. The others are all black, or dark brown and very conventional, so I'll have to get a little creative. But I think I'm up for the Challenge!!. Vest Week, Here we Go.
And I'd like to take a moment to comment on my hair. I bought some of those foam rollers to try putting in my hair overnight on a lark, just to see what would happen, and I am super-de-duper thirilled. These babies are going to get utilized a bunch! And they made it way easier to get ready for work in the moring. YAY!!

Pinky Tuscadero

Dress - Old Navy; Cardigan - Steinmart;
Necklace - Handmade by Vendor at a local festival;
Earrings - Macy's; Ballet Flats - Old Navy
The end of dress week (which probably should have been called 'Maternity Week' finds me in another maternity gem that I just couldn't retire. Mostly because of the awesome color, but the fact that it makes my busom look nice is just a bonus. However, after I discarded the sweater in the 90 degree heat outside, I felt VERY self concsious because of my still slightly poochy tummy. I have lost a total of 3.5 inches in my waist, but I think I won't truly feel comfortable in this dress sans cardi until I lose a few more. Looks like this dress will have to be layered for a while. I think I can handle that.
This day, Friday, August 6, was the one week mark eating GI. And I lost a total of 7 pounds. In ONE WEEK. Super happy about that. And it wasn't that hard to keep up with. I did, however need a day to eat whatever I wanted cause I was getting kind of tired of cottage cheese and yogurt. And I needed a bit of chocolate. So I'm back on the horse now and can't wait to see where week two takes me!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

To Wear or Not to Wear.....

Dress - Liz Lange Maternity (thirfted); Shoes - Franco Sarto (via TJ Maxx);
Necklaces - Premiere; Cuff - Steinmart

This is another one of my not-so-maternity dresses. Love the smoky, steely blue color and how can you go wrong with a shirt-dress? This one doesn't have pockets, so some points are definitely taken off, but this dress will get a lot of non-prego wear.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hey Babe, Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Dress - Lane Bryant (thrifted); Shoes - Connie (thrifted); Necklace - thrifted;
Earrings - old Premiere; Bangles - Steinmart

Husby kind of caught me off guard with the camera this morning, so I don't like the pose or my smile, but I was running too late to take another shot. But trust me, this dress is very flattering. I love Lany Bryant's styles and overall classy look, I just have a slight problem with their estimation of a plus-sized bust. Mine is less than ample and, as with most Lany Bryant stuff I acquire, I had to pin the top together to keep it from showing my meager wares. But this dress has enough going on that it's not noticeable. The colors are fabulous, both on their own and with my complexion. And again a dress with POCKETS!! Happy, happy, joy, joy. Finsihed off with some cheetah print bangles, I feel like I can attack my day.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Dress - Macy's; Shoes - Simply Vera; Bracelet - Old Navy; Ring - Steinmart;
Necklace - Premiere (did you think I could get by without wearing any
Premiere for one day??); Earrings - Chico's

When I got pregnant with my second child, we knew that we were going to wait to have a third until after I finished school (I still have two half-time years to go). We also thought that waiting might make him our last child - the thyroid condition that I have often comes with infertility and early menopause. Both of our children are blessings, since we weren't sure we'd be able to have any at all, and any future children will be the same.
But the point of all of this is that I was determined to not add anything to my wardrobe that I couldn't wear post pregnancy. On some items, I failed terribly because they just look too baggy and do nothing for my figure or are a little too generous in the direct tummy area and make me look pregant when I'm not. This dress, however, was a gem. I love this dress. I didn't need it when I bought it, but couldn't walk away from it becuase I was so taken by the unique gray-purple which is truly striking in person. Plus it's a nice comfy and flowy versey dress with POCKETS (I have a secret obsession with pockets) which will come in quite handy when I'm making the treck in our 90+ Cincinnati weather for my 1:00 class. It enhances my bust, and gathers in a decorative way instead of being poochy. This dress will stay in the closet for quite a while.
And I've determined that this week will be dress week. I have way too many dresses that don't get a lot of wear because they hide in the back of my horribly small and constrictive closet (one day I WILL have a walk-in). Out of sight out of mind. Not this week :-)