Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sexy, Sassy Secretary

Shirt - Thrifted; Skirt - JC Penny; Vest - Thrifted; Shoes - Madden (Thrifted); Earrings - Steinmart; Bracelets - Premiere

This is what happens when Husby trys to play Austin Powers with the camera. Loved this retro shirt - Found it at St. Vincent DePaul for I think $2.00. It really is from the 60's, Polyester and all. The sleeves would most likely fit Sophie, however, so I just pretended that they are 3/4 length cause I loved the rest of the shirt so much. And I can't believe I never paired this vest with this skirt before. I felt like perfect Mad Men secretary. Minus the voluptuous boobies.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Let the Sunshine In

Dress - Lands End (gift from MIL); Belt - Thrifted; Shoes - Jessica Simpson (thrifted); Necklace - ME; Earrings - Steinmart

This dress was so comfy, it was like wearing jammies to work. I see myself wearing this dress a lot. For my first attempt, went with the red and blue, but I'm excited about adding some yellow, or lime to it for this spring. Thought I'd try safe and toned down for the first wearing. I'm finding that my favorite gifts lately are gift cards. Used to hate them, cause I thought they were the cop out gift for those that lack imagination. Now I love them, cause they let me shop guilt free. Hint, hint Hubs.

Skirt - Spiegel; Sweater - Style & Co (Macy's); Shirt, Necklace and Belt - JC Penny; Shoes - Rampage (Macy's); Earrings - Chicos

This was the first wearing of my long-searched for yellow pencil skirt, but the last wearing of one of my favorite memory pieces. These pumps were purchased when I got engaged to wear to my bridal showers. I was in a very classic black & white phase at the time (with a lot of polka dots) and I wore these shoes to nearly every event for the wedding outside from the actual ceremony. Problem is, they kill my feet. They are a bit too big, not being available in half sizes, and the cut of the shoes is a bit to wide for my average width feet. I spend so much time fighting with them to stay on that they hurt my arches. By lunch time at the office, I was barefoot under my desk, only walking when absolutely necessary, cause the thought of putting them back on made me cringe. Not the kind of shoes to wear when you're trying to get your step count up. I recently gave these shoes to the Lovely LaraTelena. Hopefully she can make them fulfill their shoe destiny. I'll post any pics she sends me. Hint, hint, Lara.

Cloth Memory

Shirt - Style & Co (Macy's); Skirt - TJ Maxx; Shoes - Payless; Belt - JC Penney; Necklace - Premiere; Earrings and Ring - Steinmart.

Do you ever haer a song or smell a scent that instantly takes you somewhere or time? The smell of Drakar instantly takes me back to my first date with my Husband; the smell of coconut takes me to my sister's pool; and this outfit takes me to the day that I met with the dean of my college and he agreed to waive the equivalent of $10,000 and 1 year's worth of classes for me. I will graduate in the summer of 2013. YAY!!

Shirt - JC Penny; Skirt - thrifted; Earrings and Ring - Premiere; Shoes - Gift; Belt - Thrifted

This outfit, on the other hand, takes me back to one of the most embarrassing days of my adult life. I was walking through my office production room, and my heal caught the linoleum floor just the wrong way and I wiped out. With all of my bags and books on my shoulders, so I made an even bigger crash. In front of all my coworkers. I was mortified. And I don't embarrass easily. I didn't cry in front of them though. I waited until I was limped back to my desk and my incredibly, instantaneously swollen knees were propped and iced by my ever-so-sweet cubie neighbor to start crying. And I had the bruise for 3 WEEKS. A large horrible purple bruise, which meant I had to wear pants or longer skirts and was reminded daily of my shame. It's gone now, but I may just have to get rid of the shoes so I can forget about it a bit. On the other hand, this was another red-white-black attempt that I succeeded in doing my own way, so YAY to ME!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ode to a Grecian Urn

Dress and Boots - Thrifted; Sweater and Leggings - Steinmart; Belt - TJ Maxx; Necklace - ME; Ring - Steinmart; Cuff - Premiere

There are two color combinations that I try to stay away from; red, white and blue, and red, white and black. One evokes images of fireworks and the other newspapers. Regardless how trendy my red, white and blue attire, I still feel like the schoolteacher with american flag vest or redneck with flag bandana on. Red, white and black, however makes me feel EVERYONE else. It makes me feel like the old me. The me whose idea of being wacky was adding a bit of red to my black and white outfit. The me whose wardrobe consisted of 95% white and black. But I was losing track of what white and black was - Classic. I can wear the color combinations of the general public and still feel like me. I don't have to sacrifice my style. I loved this outfit and what it stood for. Plus, it was super comfy.

Shirt and Pants - Steinmart; Shoes - TJ Maxx; Belt - NY & Co; Ring - Steinmart; Belt - NY & Co; Earrings - Chico's; Necklace and Bracelet - Premiere

I have a serious problem. I went to a jewelry party last night and knew the name of nearly every item that the girls had on or the rep showed us. Without looking at the catalog. I apparently have an obsession with premiere jewelry. It was easy to restrain myself last night as I realized that everything I wanted, I already own.

I love this shirt for its conservative, yet sexy look. Everything of importance is covered, but the sheer sleeves and peek-a-boo shoulders are spicy. I love the flowy sleeves which give it a bit of a Grecian feel. Husby said that my outfit was plum-tastic.

Comfy Sexy

Cardi and Shirt - Old Navy; Pants - Style & Co (Macy's); Shoes - Steinmart; Belt - Thrifted; Necklace - Premiere; Earrings - Lia Sophia (gift from MIL)

This outfit is pretty basic. Nothing out of the ordinary and super comfy. Great outfit for work and school. That's about it.
Sweater - Steinmart; Skirt and Tights - Old Navy; Boots - Macy's; Belt - Dots; Earrings - Chico's; Necklaces - Premeire

Husby went so far as to call me sexy in this outfit. He told me multiple times that I looked really good. I guess he must like this one :-P This is one of those way-after-winter-on-the-clearance-rack-for-$3.50-becuase-it's-the-last-sweater-in-the-store finds. And it is the only sweater that I didn't pack away for the summer because it's warm yet light weight enough to slap on over a tank while sitting by a fire drinking a beer with my neighbors. This is my new go-to sweater.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Shirt and Pants - TJ Maxx; Cardi and Earrings- Steinmart; Shoes - Old Navy; Belt - Thrifted;

Necklace - Premiere; Owl Ring - Bakers

I generally shy away from the Junior's Department. Firstly, I'm plus sized, and Junior's Clothes typically run smaller, meaning an XL would make me look more like a wrapped sausage than a woman. And secondly, because I have had two children which have left me with an excess of skin and fat in the belly region that Junior's shirts are often too short to cover up. This floral sheer gem is technically Junior's and passed the belly test on both ends. I love how the flowers are so bright and varied that I can dress it many ways. This day I went dark, but I could easily go pink or lilac or even yellow with ease on a more springy day. Although technically Spring, the record rainfall in my town this month has really got me down and it's tough to pull off the brights just yet.
You'd better pay attention. Mr. Owl is watching you. Dress - Liz Lange Maternity (thrifted); Belt - Steinmart; Necklace, Earrings and Ring - Various Anniversary gifts from Husby
I LOVE these jewelry items from Husby. They are bold, yet neutral. They are statement and classy. The only part I regret is that I feel that the shells are only appropriate in the spring and summer. Maybe I'll get over that. But for now, I'm just happy that their season has returned. The dress is a maternity dress that I just cannot retire, because of the gorgeous color. And since I discovered that my 70's hooker clogs of the previous post match it exactly this resolve is further reinforced. Happy Day in extreme maternity comfort.
Things that suck in the transition of pregnant to mother, that No ONE bothered to tell me:
1. You are no longer able to proudly display your big fat belly.
2. You feel guilty about everything non vegetable that you put in your mouth.
3. Feeling the kicks. God, I miss feeling the kicks still. It's like you lose a part of you.
4. You lose the comfy excess and stretchyness of Maternity Clothes. You don't realize how much you hate zippers and buttons until you spend 5 months in expandawaist maternity pants.
5. You have to worry whenever you sneeze if it's going to be a sninkle. (tinkle + sneeze)
6. Freaky crazy big, milk engorged, painful breasts. Then, you fall in love with them, right before you stop nursing and lose them.
7. Post freaky crazy big, milk engorged breasts that you now need to fold up into a braziere.
8. Three other things that I can't remember because my babies ate my brain cells.

But GOD, I love those beautiful babies. Happy Mother's Day!

Double Duty

Skirt and Shirt- Old Navy; Cardi - Gap; Belt and Shoes - Thrifted; Jewelry - Premiere

I'm so far behind in my blogging that I thought I should start doubling up outfits in my posts. This first outfit was quite a gem, inspired by Christmas Wrapping paper. I found a swatch of wrapping paper when I was looking for tissue paper for a baby shower gift and was taken aback by the striking contrast of the gray and tan/gold. I found the closest thing I could in my closet, and I love the color contrast. The skirt, however has had better days because the next immediate washing contained a blue crayon and the skirt is no longer. I do have some gray pants, though....

Sweater - Gap; Skirt and Shoes - Thrifted; Belt - NY & CO; Necklace - JC Penney

I LOVE these shoes. I kinda felt like a 70's streetwalker in them at work this day. Not it a bad way, though...in a good Jodi Foster Taxi Driver kinda way. The shoes are one of the few open toed shoes I have that don't hurt the nail beds of my big toe, so that was a plus. And the colors are so on trend right now, I'ts easy to find things that go with them. They'll be making many appearances once the weather decides to stay consistently warm. And I've decided to eliminate the ratings....lately everything has been two thumbs up, which is great, but not very informational and just seems like I'm tooting my own horn. I'll still use the ratings when Husby does not like my outfit, or if I dislike it myself, but for outfits we both like, I'll just refrain.

For those of you that read me on a regular basis, thanks for your patience. This quarter is exceptionally rough, with me taking classes 5 days a week and working full time. I can barely remember my keys, let alone to blog. But we take pictures every morning, and I'll keep plugging on when I can grab a few minutes.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

St. Patrick's Day in May??

Shirt and Skirt - Steinmart; Belt - JC Penny; Shoes - Madden (thrifted); Cardi - TJ Maxx; Necklaces - Premiere; Ring - Steinmart

Looking at this outfit makes me realize that I am super behind in my blogging (as I wore this outfit on St. Patty's Day) but that I also look really good in green. There was something so glamorous and Madmen-eske about this outfit. I also have this tank in blue...I think I'll be trying out a variation of it shortly.

Rating - Two Thumbs Up