Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sweater Weather

Dress - thrifted; Leggings - Steinmart; Pumps - Stuart Weitzman (thrifted); Necklace - Express; Belt - JC Penny; Bangle - Old Navy; Earrings - Chicos
In the dim lighting of the bedroom, I swear these pumps were more blue. They matched exactly. Then, when I got to work, they were teal, and the dress was blue. My embarrassment didn't last long, cause I was freezing cold and wore a bulky gray long sweater over it the whole day. REALLY liked how that turned out, but didn't get a picture of it. I felt cute and spunky and funky and fun all day with the splashes of color. Love this dress and can't wait to figure out other weather-appropriate ways to wear it.

Early Christmas

Shirt - NY & Co (thrifted); Skirt - Old Navy; Belt - JC Penny;
Pewter Metallic Pumps - Thrifted;
Necklace and Brooch worn as pendant - Premiere
My favorite part of this outfit was probably the necklace. I took one of my most cherished, but rarely worn items (a green flower pin) and attached it to a black bead necklace and voila! I love this fun accent that sneaks out of my shirt collar. This shirt was a steal for $3 and fit perfectly. Love the different shades of green so much that I decided this day that THIS is the blouse I will wear for our family christmas picture. Now to dress the rest of my brood....

Protector of Sherwood Forest

Shirt, Belt and Vest - Steinmart; Pants - Macy's; Shoes - Jessica Simpson (thrifted); Earrinngs, Necklace and Bracelets - Premiere
You know that go-to shoe that is always comfy and makes you feel super fab? These are one of my two pairs. The other ones are silver and glittery all over. These babies are an awesome red plaid, with gold jinglies and a little red patent bow to match the trim. Got them for $4 at a thrift store and I couldn't figure out why they were not only thrifted, but clearance. Why would no one want these beautiful shoes? I finally figured it out.
Despite Plato's Closets efforts to keep things organized, shoes never quite end up in the right places. While I am a size 9.5 - 10 (just call me Sasquatch) I look through all of the sizes until around 7, and I've found some gems put in the wrong places. I found these babies in the 8-9 section and despite saying 8.5, they looked awefully big so I tried them on and they fit. I can see how someone with size 8.5 feet would try these on and pass them by. Oh how I love manufacturer's defects that work in my favor!!
I was very pleased with this color combo until I got to work and everyone was calling me Robin Hood. I'll still most likely try this combo again, just in a more feminine way. Oh, how I love being compared to a boy.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hot for Teacher

Cardi and Shirt - Steinmart; Skirt - JC Penny; Shoes - Vera Wang; Necklace and Bracelet - Me; Earrings - Chico's
These pumps....I tried to sell them to Plato's Closet cause I never wore them. They wouldn't buy them (don't know why). I've worn them about 10 times in the 4 months since them (more than I've worn them in the 3 years I've owned them. I'm so glad Plato's passed. What was I thinking??
I saw these rich green and gold imitation pearls when I was looking for craft beads at Michaels and had to buy them. I put them together into this necklace and earring combo, expecting to only be able to wear it with a white shirt, but loving it anyway. I'm glad I was wrong. As I've started cycling in some of my fall/winter clothes, I realize I have two of these Steinmart in green, one in blue. Maybe I was subconsciously buying the beads to have jewelry for these shiny, busty tanks with the sheer bow on the left shoulder that I love so much. my instinct? Don't mind if I do....
I felt like a sexy teacher today. Or a naughtly librarian. Or like I should break out into a samba in the middle of class. :-)

Off the Wagon

Dress - Alfani (thrifted); Vest - One World (Steinmart); Shoes - Payless;
Belt - Steinmart; Earrings - a little boutique in columbus;
Bracelets - Me; Ring - Premiere
So, because I am so short waisted, I can shop in petites despite being 5'-9". I've had great luck with shirts and sweaters, but found out this day that dresses are a nono. While this did fit great in the top area, this petite dress was riding up on me in the leg department all day. I was super duper self conscious, probably because I wore white tights. Next time, it will be black.
And the title of the post is cause I'm hanging my head in shame. I was having a horribly stressful work/school day and I stopped at goodwill at lunch and did a little shopping. It was thrifted, and I kept it at $20, but I clearly fell off the wagon. As I climb back on I am going to attempt baby steps. Maybe I have to approach this the way I did quitting smoking. Take it day by day until I hit a week, then week by week until I hit a month...then it was easy cause I had gone so long. Sorry Husby. Sorry readers. Day one. Again.

Monday, October 18, 2010

362 Days Remaining

And those first few days were tough. It was so hard to not stop and look at shoes for myself when I had to go and buy the boy new shoes. See, when we were getting him ready to do a breast Cancer walk on Sunday we realized that he had a growth spurt and didn't fit into anything but his snow boots. So, I went to Payless, remembering that lately I really haven't liked anything they had to offer. Oh, how I was wrong. Their new fall boot and pump selection is to die for. Which is why I was so jittery waiting in line and why I rushed out after I paid and what prompted the guy behind the counter to ask me if I was okay. But I didn't buy ANYTHING for myself!! That is a feat of self control, cause we all know lately that my weakness is belts and shoes.....

Friday, October 15, 2010

My Year without Shopping

So I've been trying to cut back on my shopping, and while I've succeeded, I've still be drawn to thrift stores and am still spending a bit when I shouldn't be. I'm pulled in so many directions during the day and have no ME time. At work, I'm Debbie the engineer (yes, my real name is Debbie) and clients and co-workers are always wanting something from me; at school, I'm Debbie the Student and teachers are wanting my attention and my homework and my best effort; I walk in the door and I'm Mommy, and I have a kid on each leg wanting my attention and Husby is wanting adult conversation. I have no time where I can just be Debbie. Except for the times when I can steal away for 15 -20 minutes and look around at pretty things in a store and just be me and be with my thoughts.
I need to find this in another venue. Husby's unemployment is about to run out and while he struggles to get his own business off the ground, the extra financial burden of his student loans is coming to me. I've known this was coming, and that's why I started scaling back the shopping in the first place. But now that I know the source behind my shopping addiction, I'm going to work on channelling my energy into something more positive for my family. I'm going to try to focus on getting healthier. And that is why my last purchase will be today and it will be a pedometer. When I am stressed at work, I will walk. When I am overwhelmed at home, I'll strap the kids into the stroller and take them for a walk. I'll park farther away from campus and walk to class to help myself decompress between work and school. And maybe I'll lose some weight in the process. I need to break the stressed then shop, shop then eat, eat then stress about what I ate cycle and be healthier and save some more money. Let's see how this year long shopping hiatus will affect my style as I try to make the most of what I've already got and try to look better in what I own. Man, if I could get addicted to exercise......

Massage Your Troubles Away

Cardi - Old Navy; Shirt, Pants & Belt - Steinmart; Shoes - Rampage (Macy's); Earrings - Premiere; Bracelets - Steinmart
A closeup of the belt shows the favorite part of this outfit. The details are awesome, with animal prints and various sheens on the little links, and it added just the funk I needed to a potentially boring red white and black combo. I was trying to dress for chair massages that were being given at our office as a fund raiser for the United Way, and was limited to something warm for the weather, but thin and pliable on top so that Wendy could get to my shoulders easily, but with pants so that I could straddle the bar of the massage chair and not show the world my wares. I was actually really happy with how this outfit turned out, despite being a last minute throw-together.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Penny for Your Thoughts

Cardi - Kohl's; Shirt, Skirt and Belt - JC Penny; Shoes - Madden (thrifted); Earrings - Steinmart; Necklace - Premiere
I'm in love with JC Penny. At least the bottom half of me is. Being a nearly plus sized woman, I struggle. And like with men, you can't find EVERYTHING in one store (although I came pretty close with Husby). For tops, my favorite shopping is Macy's Style & C0. line. It's almost like their clothes are specifically made for a woman with real curves and a smallish busom. For skirts, it's definitely JC Penny. The Worthington line is ideal for an apple shaped woman with long legs who is looking for the illusion of slim ensconced in class. Sometimes I miss the days when I was skinny and could shop in any store and find things that worked, but I love my style now more than I ever did then, so I think I love my compartmentalized shopping, too.
And I wanted to get a close up of these shoes. I've been looking for a while for a comfy, but stylish brown pump, and was so excited when I found these babies at Plato's Closet for $8. They have a slight platform and a snakeskin print with a sheen to them that makes them really unique. AND they are SUPER COMFY!!

Am I Blue...

Tunic - JC Penny; Leggings - ??; Boots - Payless; Belt - Steinmart;
Necklace and Earrings - Premiere; Bracelets - Macy's
This is what I wore to work. Then, this is what I wore to the hospital to sit for 5 hours after my son toppled off his changing table and bumped his head. This is what I was wearing when I found out he has a fractured skull. One of those bangles are what he held underneath the cocooney blanket that he was wrapped in to get his CT scan to determine whether there was a brain bleed. This is what I laid in his hospital bed cuddling with him while we waited for results. This is what I wore home when he was released with a very minor fracture which they ensure me will heal on its own. This shirt has seen many tears and it will be quite some time before I pull it out again. I know it's not a bad luck charm or anything. But you know how smells can bring back memories? Clothes do that for me. And this shirt has some pretty sad/scary ones which I don't soon want to relive.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The 70's Continue

Shirt and Cami - Steinmart; Dress - Michael Kors (Steinmart);
Tights - Old Navy; Boots - Thrifted; Necklace - Steinmart; Belt - thrifted
I;ve never really done the dark top, dark tights with light skirt inbetween before, but I actualy like how it turned out. Even though my co-worker told me I looked like her mom. I love the colors of this ensemble, and felt great. These boots are the greatest part. So glad that fall is here, cause sweaty calves on leather boots trucking up the hill to campus every day just SUCKS!!
Shirt - Jones New York (Macys); Scarf - Jones New York (TJ Maxx);
Pants - Steinmart; Shoes - Moda (thrifted); Bracelets and Earrings - Me
My husband got the movie The Box from the library this week. In it, Cameron Diaz plays a school teacher in the 70's, and I totally loved her style. She inspired this outfit today....especially the scarf. 70's style is great for the fall because of the colors. Plus, I have tons of scarves that I can wear again cause I can't stand the way sweaty material feels on my skin in the summer.

Something Special in the Air

Blazer - Tommy Hilfiger (TJ Maxx); Shirt - Old Navy (thrifted);
Skirt - Old Navy; Tights - JC Penny; Belt - thrifted;
Shoes - Anne Klein (Steinmart); Bangles - Macy's
So I only added the blazer because it was 45 degrees outside when I left for work. And that's what made my husband say I looked like a stewardess. I also got museum docent from co-workers. This was an uber-conservative look, which I'll admit was not one of my favorites. But I love all of the pieces individually. And I like the gray-red combo, so I'll be revisiting that again soon.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Black & White and Red All Over

Tank as Vest - New York & Co (thirfted); Shirt - thrifted;
Pants - Style & Co (Macy's); Shoes - Thrifted; Bracelets - Macy's;
Belt - Thrifted; Earrings and Flower Pin - Steinmart
When I asked Husby if my pattern mixing was too much, he said 'It's okay." When I probed a bit further, he responded, in an equally nonplussed fashion, 'You look fine.' Fine?? FINE?? I don't want to just look fine. I felt stylish and clever and fashion forward and beautiful. I've got on plaid AND stripes at the same time for Cripes Sake!! You're my husband. You're supposed to feel it too!! The second picture is my reaction to 'Fine' and he thought it was so funny that he took a picture of it.
But...the reality is, him saying 'Fine' is his way of saying 'It's not my favorite, but you're still my Goose'. I don't dress for compliments. I don't dress for him (most of the time). I dress for me. And Me liked this outfit. Me felt great all day. Go Me! And I'm in love with my surprisingly comfy, super-pointy, plaid fabric pumps. $8 well spent at Plato's Closet. In fact, with all the thrifted and clearance garb I'm wearing, this outfit - shoes and jewelry included - cost around $40.