Friday, July 30, 2010

Full of Goodwill

Shirt - NY & Co (thrifted); Pants - Bisou, Bisou (thrifted); Shoes - Stuart Weitzman (thrifted);
Necklaces - Premiere Designs (Sanja)

The shoes were the biggest steal of this outfit. The moment I got them home, I googled them to see how much they retailed for. $315. I paid $4. The whole outfit, including the jewelry, cost less than $100. I LOVE GOODWILL!!

This GI thing isn't too shabby. I feel pretty good and since I'm eating every two hours, once the satisfied feeling wears off from the last meal, it's time to eat again. I think this is a plan I can keep up with :-)

And no full body shot today....apparently I couldn't keep my eyes open for those. The white pants are pinstripe with wide legs. Trust me, they are cute. I actually feel really good today and thought the outfit was quite flattering in the full body pics. Oh well. Better luck on Monday.

Rainbow Brite

Shirt - Alfani (Macy's); Skirt - Talbots (thrifted); Shoes - Franco Sarto (TJ Maxx);
Bracelet and Necklaces - Premiere Designs (via Sanja, my cousin and rep)
I had to get a close-up of the necklaces so that you can really see how beautiful they are. The colorful 'Venetian' is absolutely gorgeous, and the simple silver 'Cascade' is so dainty and versatile that I love to put them together. I love this shirt, both for the fit and the material, but over time it shrinks vertically so I have to be careful what I wear it with or by lunch I'm showing my stretch marks. I love and hate this skirt at the same time. I don't feel like it's particularly flattering on me, but the colors are just so fantastic and I get so many compliments on it when I wear it that I just can't bring myself to retire it.
As for the shoes...I broke my shopping rule, with permission from Husby. We are going to a wedding soon and we agreed that it was a special enough occasion that I could buy a dress if I kept it under $50. Thanks to TJ Maxx, I was able to find a gorgeous cream Calvin Klein suit-dress (that I'm actually tan enough to wear!!) and had enough money left over to pick up these babies to go with it. Are they booties? Are they pumps? Are they sandals? Who cares!! I love them and they are actually pretty comfy.

On the healthy side, I broke out the book GI Diet by Rick Gallop which I bought right before getting pregnant with Buddy, so it's been living on a shelf for two years. The principles are basic. Eating foods low on the glycemic index allow your body to make the most of the food it gets. Foods are broken down to Red, Yellow, and Green. I can eat all of the Green foods I want until I reach a BMI of 22 (I'd be happy to hit 25) and then I can start introducing Yellow foods until I can balance out and maintain my weight. Red are reserved for special occasions (cake is in this category). I'm not really into fad diets or starving myself, so I checked out the green foods before I started, and realized that there's not much change from the way I've been eating, I just have to cut out the fast food. And eat 6 small meals a day instead of my 3 large. Working full time and taking 3 classes at UC will make that hard cause I'm always on the fly, but I'm determined to make this work. If I follow the plan, I could be down 22 pounds by Christmas, with a BMI of 26.9 - right smack dab in the middle of the 'Overweight' range and well on my way to being 'Healthy'. I just really hope that this works with Thyroid problems like mine. I'm running out of ideas.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Shirt - Lane Bryant (thrifted); Skirt - Target (circa 2000); Belt - Rampage (via TJ Maxx);
Boots - Diba (via Steinmart); Ring - TJ Maxx; Bracelet and Necklace - Macy's
I became a fan of thrifting in my early college days when I was trying to adjust to being on my own for the first time on a meager pittance. I realized that you could find some gems if you were able to deal with imperfections... strategically placing pins to cover stains, replacing missing buttons, and sewing up ripped seams or slipping hems became a sort of past time for me. This Lane Bryant was missing a button, but still had the original tags attached with that oh-so-wonderful extra button envelope still in place. I couldn't believe that someone was willing to discard such a lovely, breast enhancing item simply because it was missing a button. I also can't believe that I am too lazy to sit down and sew on the button that was provided....I just put on a belt to cover it up. Luckily, the belt adds the illusion of a waist to my apple figure. The boots were added to give a little funk to my conservative business attire today. Don't normally go so conservative two days in a row, but I always kick it up a notch when I have meetings with clients. While my office is business casual, I firmly believe that you should dress to show the people around you how important they (or their event) are to you. I wear dresses or skirts to baby showers, I always wear a dress to a wedding, and, while others around me wear the acceptable polo shirt and chinos for a weekly progress meeting, I break out my skirt and heels.
On the healthy side, yesterday I got 2 servings of fruit, 4 servings of vegetables, and the minimum required 8 glasses of water. Man, getting that water is hard some days. I have a little ways to go towards the recommended 9 fruits and veggies daily, but this was a good start. My arms are looking a bit meaty today, so I'm glad I spent some time working on them last night while Husby and I watched The Hurt Locker (AWESOME). Add in the 15 minutes of cardio I did walking on campus yesterday and I achieved my 30 minutes daily goal. Overall, a good day.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tutti Frutti

Shirt - Steinmart; Skirt and belt - JC Penny; Shoes - Madden Girl (via TJ Maxx);
Bracelets, Earrings and Necklace - Premiere Designs (via local sales rep)

I picked up this very colorful orange, teal and green necklace and earring combo at a jewelry party this weekend and couldn't wait to try it out. It's so summery and colorful, and it's just feminine enough to really dazzle with this orange button down I've been trying to incorporate into my wardrobe for years (it's been sitting in a closet - only worn once). Add my colorful floral print Madden Girl peep-toe Mary Janes and this is an ensemble that's fun, and flirty while still being professional. And most of all, I think it's very flattering on my figure. I've felt like a million bucks all day. This is one of those outfits that gives you confidence in spades. Day one - a success!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why Ravishingly Rubenesque?

.....Because preganancy and thyroid disease left me pleasantly plump. (this is me a week before giving birth to my now 9 month old son).

.....Because despite being larger than I've been my adult life, I feel more beautiful than I've ever felt.

.....Because I'm trying to be more economical and re-imagine my wardrobe instead of overpopulating it.

.....Because as I've been searching for fashion blogs, I haven't found many for people like me - too big to be 'average' but to small to be 'plus'. (mostly because of my not so ample busom) The inbetweeinies need a voice!

.....Because I tend to lose my motivation when I don't have something to hold me accountable.

.....Because although I feel beautiful right now, I also feel fat. I want to get to a size (or more like a shape) that I feel not-so-bad looking at naked in the mirror.

......Because for the first time in 3 years I would like for my BMI near the 'healthy' range (not necessarily in, but at least closer to than to obese).

......Because I want to teach my children, especially my young daughter, that counting calories and obssessing over what you see in the mirror or on the scale is not healthy. Healthy Living is healthy.

So there's the 'why''s the how.

I will use this blog as my journal to document pictorally and verbally the progress I am making toward a healthier life. And, the economy being what it is, I will be making this journey with only the clothes in my closet unless absolutely necessary, (If I actually lose enough to need to buy new clothes, well, I think I'll have earned that!!) taking inspiration from my fellow bloggers to help me keep my look updated with 'How' I wear my clothing and accessories. Don't feel too sorry for me folks, I have WAY more clothes and shoes than any one person would need. I just want to look better in them.

I will keep track of healthy parameters (like getting the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables each day as well as proper hydration) and ignore unhealthy ones (like weighing myself daily and calorie counting). I'll strive increase my physical activity, which is now limited to the occasional walk when it's not too hot and getting frisky with Husby. And I will take pictures of what I wear during the week to my business casual engineering office so that I can see my progress while also determining which style trends work and don't work for me.

Now, with Husby's support, (and fabulous photography skills) I'll start my journey.