Friday, February 18, 2011

Sprung Spring

Sweater - NY & Co (thrifted); Shirt - thrifted; Pants - Target;
Shoes - Steinmart; Jewelry - Premeire
So the sun is shining on a relatively basis around here, except the weather can't decide if it is spring or winter, fluctuating from the 30's to the mid 50's and back again within a week. So, I brought out some spring colors to brighten up the inside of my office. I really love this crazy 70's print shirt, especially since I have both a purple and green skirt which can be paired with it when the weather gets nicer. Lots of possibilities.
Rating - Two Thumbs Up

Green Giant

Sweater and Pants - Steinmart; Shirt - thrifted; Shoes - Payless; Jewlery - Premiere
This sweater is a OHW. It's a bit awkward in its shape. I feel really top heavy and shouldery in it. I thought that putting it over a button down with pants would tame it a little. Intead I just look like a linebacker.
Rating - One Thumb Down (don't remember how Husby felt about this one)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Blues

Shirt - Jones New York (Macy's); Vest - Tommy Hilfiger (Macy's FREE);
Skirt - Old Navy; Tights - We Love Colors; Boots and Bangles - Macy's;
Scarf - Steinmart; Belt - Baby Phat (thrifted)
Wow, the way I'm standing in the first pic makes me look really wide! Note to self...never stand that way again!
Happy Valentine's Day, my lovelies! I'm about a week behind in my posting, but thought I'd skip ahead to show what I actually wore on Valentine's Day. I centered the outfit around the vest I got for FREE with Macy's rewards dollars this weekend, which just happened to have red in it, so fortunately for me I did dress for the occasion. I've generally shied away from Tommy stuff because it's just so darn expensive - too expensive to be worth it. I also shy away from red-white-blue clothing cause it's a little too 4th of July-y for me, but I was drawn to this vest because it was a cardigan vest (something totally new to my closet) and I liked how the gray was worked in. I had no trouble building the outfit.
I'm also excited to showcase my new hair. I have really limp flat hair on the left side of my head and thick bouncy hair on the right. Why shouldn't my hair be as lopsided as my boobs? I finally went to a real hairdresser to get it trimmed up. It was my friend Jenna's sister Lizzie, and it was the first time in my life that I told a hair dresser my struggles and they gave me exaclty what I needed to fix them! I am so happy with this cut. It's technically kind of an emo cut -lots of short layers on top- but it gives me the lift and body and dimension that I need all around. SO HAPPY!! Now, if only my bangs would grow a little faster!
Rating - Two V-Day Thumbs Up!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Great Barrier Reef

Cardi, Dress and Tank - Old Navy; Tights - JC Penny; Belt - NY & Co;
Shoes - Madden (thrifted); Bracelet and Necklace - Premeire
When I bought these shoes, I thought that they were red. But upon closer inspection at home, they are a faded red-y, pink-y, orange-y kind of mix, which almost match perfectly to this coral sweater fom Old Navy. I loved this outfit, especially the uber feminine ruffles of the dress, and got tons of compliments. A closeup of the dress. I am still looking for the perfect red pump to replace the ones that my post baby feet won't fit into.
I actually fell in love with the dress last summer, but it was priced at nearly $40, way too much for me to spend on a sun dress. Imagine my amazement and surprise when I was looking for tights at ON and came across this on a clearance rack, in my size for $3.49. Sorry, Husby, but I had to splurge on myself. Maybe good things do come to those who wait :-)
Husby, however, did not like this outfit nearly as much as I did. He said it was 'OK'. When I asked what was wrong, he said he didn't like the colors. That's okay with me. If he had said, 'You look really fat in it' or 'That belt doesn't give you a nice curve', or 'The shoes make your ankles look think', then I'd have probably changed. My color long as I'm happy with them, that's all that matters to me.
Rating - One Thumb Up, One Thumb Sideways

Friday, February 11, 2011

Recycled Ties

Shirt - Steinmart; Sweater - Jones New York (Macy's); Skirt - Kohls; Belt - ME (husby's old ties);
Tights - NY & Co, Shoes - Moda (thrifted); Bracelets - Macy's; Necklace - Premiere
I felt like just standing in the skirt didn't nearly do it justice, so I twirled. The skirt and sweater are both OHW's today. The sweater I bought years ago, before open-front asymetrical sweaters were as widely available or worn, and I've never quite felt that I was stylish enough to do it justice. After re-finding it deep in the bowels of my winter-wear, I am in love. The skirt, however is just awkward. The shape is okay, if it was shorter...the length is okay, if more form fitting. The material is very silky, so wearing it in the summer seems impractical (sweaty + silk = YUCK), but it's so lightweight that it's not really warm in the winter. Overall, awkward. I'll give it another try, maybe in the spring without tights and with some sandals.....
The belt, I crafted myself, out of my husband's old ties. I saw something like this on an etsy site and thought it was a novel idea. I love obi-style belts because they are both flattering and add a bit of interest with their three dimensionality. I was having trouble finding one in my price range. So, I went through husby's old ties, and took the two ugliest and sewed them together to give it a try. I learned that navy and olive actually make a good looking belt, and that stiff polyester ties are much more useful in this capacity, since silk ties bend too easily. I spent most of the day smoothing the tie back to its original shape cause it was a mushy mess after sitting down. I went to my Mom to see if she had any of Dad's old ties laying around, and she'd already given them to GoodWill. I asked around work and got some of the same responses. So, if anyone has any old polyseter - or equally stiff material - men's neckties lying around that they'd be interesting in sending my way (the louder the print, the better) let me know. I'd love to try this again!
Rating - Two Thumbs Sideways

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Imitation is Flattery

Shirt and Bracelet - Steinmart; Cardi - Thrifted; Skirt and tights - Old Navy;
Boots - Marshall's; Belt - JC Penny
First off, a round of applause to my first guest blogger, Lara Talena. It was so much fun playing dress up at your house. Thanks for letting me be bossy and pull you out of your comfort zone while forcing you into belts and jackets and skirts and prints and colors and....okay, I'm getting carried away. But honestly, she went from saying 'This shirt with that skirt?' to 'Yes Ma'am' by the end, so either she was getting into it, or I'm bossier than I think :-)
Now, about this outfit. While I did not at all intend to imitate anyone, when I looked at the picture, I immediately thought of Kendi. While I'm not nearly as cute and skinny, this outfit had a color palette that I could picture Kendi in, and the pose and boots with a skirt and dark long hair all screamed Kendi to me. Kendi, if you read this, please be flattered and not offended :-) And in addition to looking good, I felt good all day..everything was warm, but not too heavy and super comfortable. I came home and took a nap in it after work even.
Speaking of offended....I asked Husby if he'd take my picture this morning, he emphatically responded 'Now THIS outfit, you look great in' in a way which made me feel a little bit good about today and a whole lot bad and worried about everything else I've worn this year. I know every outfit can't be a home run, but pu-lease!! I love you anyway Husby.
Rating - Two Thumbs Up

Monday, February 7, 2011

Dress Up Play Date

I love reuniting with friends of the past; and even more when that friend comes over for a big girl dress up play date! Although our little girls played dress up, too, of course! But Goose has asked me to guest blog about our little weekend adventure, and I couldn't be more honored! (Or clueless on how to do we'll see how it turns out! :)

Short blurb about me...a hubby with an unbelievable metabolism, 3 c-sections, gestational diabetes, and a mainly stay-at-home 60 pounds later...jammies and shape ups have become my every day apparel. Yes, even to dance class, basketball practice, and preschool drop-offs. Not because I have nothing to wear...but I have nothing comfortable that isn't black or brown...or black...or brown.

Super Goose (SG) to the rescue! (Imagine her diva cape flowing in the wind behind her, flying to my house with her bags of accessories!) I led SG to my closet and apologized for her lack of canvas. I told her how embarrassed I am of my closet, especially the shelves of jammies vs. the hanging blouses and skirts! SG went straight for all of my OHW. Literally, all of them! Really lady? How in the world are you going to pair that with anything in this closet of mine?

Check out these ensembles! I was so far out of my comfort zone...belts, layering, leopard print, oh, my! I can't wait to try on another "out of my comfort zone outfit!" What an amazing experience! In my closet was yellow...and red...and teal! Purple...and pink... Navy blue and tan! I wish we had more time to have played!

Now mind you, I need some picture posing practice, and SG flew to me so quickly I didn't have time for a blow dry and make-up! But I has finding myself laughing and giggling with SG taking pictures after each outfit, I didn't care! So only look at the neck down!

Super Goose, thank you for your glitter, your leopard, your leather, and your silk! You've converted an avid shopper into a girl revisting her closet! -LaraTalena

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stylish Librarian

Shirt - Thrifted; Vest - August Silk (Macy's - FREE); Skirt - Chico's (FREE from MOM);
Shoes - Madden (Thrifted); Belt - NY & Co; Necklace - Target
Husby wasn't fond of this outfit. He said, the skirt and vest matched, but the shirt just looked weird. The shirt was my favorite part. Husby and I don't always agree.
The OHW in this outfit is the shirt. I got it quite a while ago, and wore it with a brown cardi, but wasn't really sure what else I could pair it with, since it's a bit snug around the belly. I'm really happy with how this turned out. And the sweater tank being worn as a vest has given me ideas of other things I can do with this one. This is the first time wearing the Chico's skirt. It's kind of an odd sweater material, but the color is a great oatmeal neutral. I'm going to try to wear this as much as I can before the weather gets so warm that it starts to bother my thighs.
I've also been trying to experiment more with my hair. I started growing my hair out in the first place because I was tired of looking the same every day. But now that I have long hair, I fix it the same way nearly every day. A lady in the bathroom at work told me I looked like a stylish librarian. I can handle that.
Rating - One Thumb Up, One Thumb Sideways

Friday, February 4, 2011


Sweater - Steinmart; Jeans - TJ Maxx; T-Shirt - Banana Republic (Gap Outlet);
Scarf - Thrifted; Boots - Macy's; Belt - Steinmart; Jewelry - Premiere
This sweater is an oldie but a goodie. I bought this right after I had my son, who was my first attempt at nursing. This sweater got me through last winter, probably my most worn item, cause all I had to do was unbutton one of the sides and slide him under to nurse and I was still covered. Plus, I could wear my Baby Bjorn underneath it, giving Eli extra warmth when I was shopping.
But after I didn't have him strapped on or nursing, I wasn't quite sure how to wear this. The color was so gorgeous that I was determined to make it work someday. Looks like a belt did the trick.
This day I was heading to school (hence the jeans) but I was meeting with an advisor to talk about nailing down a graduation date. I didn't want to wear my typical sweatshirt and pony tail, because part of this meeting involved some begging. Begging them to count my full time job in my Civil Engineering firm as my Mechanical Engineering co-op requirement. Begging them to take the Civil classes that I had taken as part of my associates degree and count them as some of the mechanical technical electives. Begging them to waive the remaining technical electives because of my work experience. All of these items are possible, but at the whim of the person making the call, so I needed to look like a grown up who was taking responsibility, who wasn't just looking for the easy way out. I needed to look like the mom supporting her family while trying to further her education to make their lives better. When I'm in a sweatshirt and ponytail, I just look 12. I think I pulled it off nicely, because I may be able to graduate in the summer of 2013, instead of the summer of 2015 as originally thought. YAY ME!!
Rating - Two Thumbs Up (which means a lot for a jeans outfit)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stranger Compliments

How good do you feel when you get complimented by someone you don't know? I feel great! I feel like those are the few compliments which are truly honest and unsolicited.
As I started taking more chances after starting this blog, I realized that I was getting more and more of these compliments. And they made my day. I started a mission. Everyday I find something to compliment a stranger on (mostly women). I keep it honest and simple. Sometimes it's their choice of perfume or hair color. But it's honest and generally occurs on an elevator and nearly every woman exits smiling. It's opened my eyes a bit, too. I'm discovering that every woman has somehting amazing about her. Sometimes you have to be looking for it, but it's there. I've also noticed that many women cannot take a compliment gracefully. If you don't believe it yourself, you sometimes have a hard time believing others.
I like to imagine that I'm making the world around me a little more pleasant, one elevator ride at a time.