Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Strawberry Wine

Shirt - Macys; Skirt - Old Navy; Shoes - thrifted; Ring - Steinmart

I was told that I looked like Lucille Ball at work today.  And within 5 minutes, also told that I looked like a strawberry. While one is clearly more flattering than the other, I love this shirt because of its different polka dots.  It's hard to see here,  but the cherry (or strawberry) red  blouse has black polka dots all over it.  I love the combo.  I guess plaid and polka dots won out today.

This skirt has been in my closet for some time, but I was getting exceedinly bored with the boringness of it.  Joann Fabrics to the rescue.  A couple yards of decorative black lace and I've got a new much more interesting skirt.  I think I'll be doing this to more skirts....

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